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Winter Comes Early.
Fingering the Nothingness that Underlies Everything.
The following is not a conversation I ever want to have with anyone:

Me - *after being driven from the grocery store to home* So how much is that?
Cabbie - $7.
Me - *hands him a $20*
Cabbie - *pause* *sigh* You got anything smaller than this?
Me - *digs in pockets for a bit* Uh, I have two fives, if that'd work.
Cabbie - *hands back the 20, takes the two 5s, looks at them* This all you got? You ain't got no change?
Me - No.
Cabbie - *incredulous and annoyed* No?!
Me - No.
Cabbie - *big dramatic sigh* *pops open a dashboard compartment* *pulls out 3 loonies from a huge pile of loonies that must have equaled at least $20*

I can understand not wanting to have to change a $20 bill. I can appreciate that. But for crying out loud, it was 3 loonies you'd have to take away from your precious pile. Don't act so fucking offended that I don't have exact cab fare. It's not my lookout if you don't have the sense to put a stock of change and small bills together when you know damn well your job frequently involves people paying you with *gasp* not exact change.

Bit me, asswipe, and next time, don't act like it's your right to get exact change from your fares. If you want that, go become a bus driver. Until that day, you can just deal with the fact that you'll have to break bills that you're given, so you ought to bring more change when your shift starts. $20 in loonies is fine, honestly. It's a good starting point. But it was 3 loonie you had to give back. t's not the end of the fucking world, and now you have two $5 bills for the next time that someone really only has nothing but a $20 for a $7 fare.
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On Monday the 27 of November, my father proceeded to insult me, and refused to let me explain what had happened with a large amount of money he had given me. He took back his offer to help me go home to England in the summer so that I could see my grandmother before she passes on. I was upset, so my mother said she'd talk to my dad, and call me back later. I told her not to bother if she didn't want to. I'd pay off the rest of my debt, and they could wipe their hands of me, if they so desired.

She didn't call. I assumed this meant they took what I said to heart.

Today, I got a Christmas card in the mail, from my parents, postmarked yesterday, the 29th of November.

They can send me a card, but not bother calling me to let me know if anything had changed, or if I was still on his shitlist.

They send me a Christmas card after that, but for my most recent birthday, I didn't get so much as a card, and I still can't think of anything I could have done to piss them off around that time. More than that, I didn't get a card, and my mother had the gall to call my on my birthday to ask who'd sent me cards, and oh, it's a shame that so-and-so didn't send me one, since she was expecting them to.

I never know where I stand with them anymore. And after all this . . . I'm not sure finding out will even be worth the hassle.
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It's apparently slow at work today. Not that I expected it to be busy. Weekends are always rather slack.

Fortunately for me, I have plenty of things to do to keep me amused today. So much that I an actual To-Do list wouldn't seem over the top.

~ Apply for Sales Coordinator position
~ Give supervisor sup rec form
~ Unravel front and back of cotton sweater
~ Chart New Brunswick dishcloth pattern
~ Knit (or at least start knitting) New brunswick dishcloth
~ Get at least 1000 words of writing done for NaNo (I fell behind again)

Well, I got done almost all of what I wanted to do. Not bad, really.
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Do the hippie hippie shake!Collapse )
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Next on my Rant-o-gram . . .

Holy fuck, some people just make me want to smack them upside the head with my cane! Which I thankfully haven't had to use this past week, but it's becoming painful to walk again, so I should probably start bringing it to work with me.

(For the record, I don't have a serious disability that requires me to have a cane. I have a cane because the big toes on both feet have severely ingrown toenails and are badly infected, making moving my feet in a certain way very painful when I walk. To prevent me from hobbling along so slowly that snails overtake me, I sometimes use a cane to help take the pressure off the foot that hurts most. This will all be fixed, hopefully, once I make that podiatrist appointment and get the toenails removed and the infections completely cleared up.)
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I've decided. I'm going to start a publishing company, and whenever somebody sends me any manuscript with horrible grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, I'm going to send them a rejection cassette. This cassette will contain a recording of a laugh track, followed by Homestar Runner saying, "BAHLEETED!"
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Does anyone remember me ranting about how stupid my old doctor was?

Apparently she's stupid in ways I never imagined.

I only wish she was being charged with malpractice, too. 'Cause I'd love to come forward and testify.
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Grah. I can lace the corset up just fine on the bottom half, but the top half is harder. Now there's an uncomfortably tight band around my waist when I sit, but as much as I'm now complying to work's "You myst wear an undergarment or else we'll think you're trying to be sexually provocative" dealy, I'm now uncomfortable when I sit.

And to think, I'll have to do this five days a week for the rest of my goddamn life.

It might not be so bad if the top half felt as tight as the bottom half did. At least then I'd be somewhat balanced. But no, my arms ache from reaching around to the back to try and pull the strings tighter.

I have to say, though, that as uncomfortable as a corset is when it's not done up properly, it's infinitely better than having red irritated grooves along my shoulders from bra straps.

Edit - Hmmm . . . the tight band isn't so tight when I lean back a bit. Which is good, since all the chairs at work have backs that slant backwards because they're all fucking broken.

Gods, do I ever want to work from home right now . . .

Emotion: pissed off

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While I'm not American, I happen to agree with just about everything said here.

My hat's off to you.
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You know, it could be the fact that I've probably been knitting for far too long, but I actually tyhink this would be funnier if it looked the like woman were actually knitting. It's like the people who made the video knew only that knitting involved yarn and two clicking needles.

I know it's not supposed to be accurate in any way shape or form. I know it's just supposed to be silly. But that little thing just made this video lose points with me. *shrugs* Probably because that inaccuracy just nagged at me through the whole thing, making it harder to enjoy the rest of it.

And oddly, the funniest part to me was when the woman kept making knitting motions (or something trying to resemble knitting motions) even when there was nothing to knit with. XD And I probably only find that funny because I can so relate.
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